Lab Automation

Unlock efficiency and precision with our integrated lab automation systems designed for the innovators of today and leaders of tomorrow.

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Elevating Labs and Hospitals to New Heights

NovaticLab champions the revolution in laboratory and hospital efficiency by automating the full gamut of pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical stages. Our state-of-the-art solutions don’t just streamline individual processes—they enhance the entire ecosystem, ensuring seamless sample and material transport throughout your facility.

Full-Spectrum Lab Automation and Facility Integration


Initiate your workflows with automated systems that guarantee consistent specimen handling, prepping your operations for success.


Connect your diverse analyzers with intelligent interfaces that enable them to work in concert, maximizing throughput and minimizing downtime.


Securely process and archive your results with automated systems that deliver accuracy and peace of mind in your data management.

Beyond the Lab:

Our logistics optimization extends to the entire hospital, with agile solutions that navigate complex environments, moving samples and supplies exactly where they need to be – efficiently and reliably.


With NovaticLab, enter a realm where laboratory workflows, intra-hospital logistics, and overall facility operations are synchronized for peak performance.


By using 21+ contactless terminals, our lab provided a 24/7 service for safe, discreet sample submission, saving staff time and increasing testing capacity. Patients embraced these time-saving terminals for various tests, including COVID-19, urine, fecal, and future HPV molecular testing.
Jānis Stašulāns
Head Of Department at E. Gulbja laboratorija