Behind the scenes

Empowering Clinical Labs and Healthcare through Advanced Lab Automation


NovaticLab is dedicated to revolutionizing lab automation within the clinical and healthcare sectors, building the very infrastructure that elevates the laboratories of tomorrow.


Our passionate team of professionals encompasses an array of disciplines, including systems engineering, mechatronics, cloud infrastructure, data analysis. We champion simplicity and exceptional user experiences, understanding that eliminating barriers is essential for the widespread adoption of lab automation in clinical settings.


The foundation of the healthcare revolution will not be built on cumbersome, complex systems. Instead, our vision is to create a new era of interconnected lab equipment that empowers scientists and technicians to expedite research and foster global collaboration in clinical and healthcare domains.


At NovaticLab, we tirelessly forge this future, harmonizing hardware, software through our in-house development, manufacturing, and application expertise. With unwavering ambition, we aim to pave the way for our customers to excel in their core pursuits, reshaping the lab automation landscape within clinical labs and healthcare for generations to come.

Empower Your Lab