NOVAMove Porter

Revolutionize your laboratory workflow with NOVAMove Porter, the automated solution that brings unparalleled precision and smart integration to material handling and sample transportation.


Unlock next-level efficiency and safety in your laboratory with NOVAMove Flex, an innovative robotic system designed for the modern lab. Here’s how:


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Broadening the Horizon: NOVAMove Porter in Action

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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

In the complex ecosystem of hospitals, the NOVAMove Porter enhances patient care through efficient material and sample transportation. From emergency rooms to inpatient care and specialized units, it ensures that medical supplies and patient samples move swiftly and safely, supporting timely diagnostics and treatments.

Human Clinical Diagnostic Labs

Human clinical labs rely on the NOVAMove Porter for the accurate and efficient handling of diagnostic samples. Automating the transport of blood, tissue, and other samples reduces the potential for human error, increases throughput, and improves the reliability of diagnostic results.

Veterinary and Animal Research Labs

In veterinary clinics and animal research facilities, the NOVAMove Porter addresses the unique challenges of transporting veterinary samples and research materials. Its precision and adaptability ensure that even the most sensitive materials are handled with care, aiding in the advancement of veterinary medicine and research.

Biomedical and Scientific Research Labs

Research laboratories benefit from the NOVAMove Porter’s ability to manage the transport of experimental samples between different parts of the facility. This automation supports the intricate workflow of scientific discovery, from basic research to translational science, by enhancing efficiency and sample integrity.

Environmental Monitoring and Testing Labs

Environmental labs ensure public health by testing air, water, and soil. The NOVAMove Porter enhances these efforts with automated sample transport, boosting efficiency and accuracy for critical assays and regulatory compliance. Its role in streamlining logistics significantly aids in fast, reliable environmental monitoring.

Beyond the Core: Extended Applications

While hospitals and labs represent the core domains for the NOVAMove Porter, its application is not limited to these areas. Educational institutions, biobanking facilities, high-throughput screening operations, and specialized manufacturing sectors also leverage its advanced capabilities to streamline processes, enhance safety, and maintain high standards of quality and compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What types of environments can the NOVAMove Porter operate in?

The NOVAMove Porter is optimized for indoor environments, capable of efficiently navigating spaces with a maximum inclination of 5%. It’s ideal for hospitals, clinical and research labs, and environmental testing facilities, smoothly operating across various floor types.

2. How does the NOVAMove Porter ensure the security of transported materials?

Security is a top priority for the NOVAMove Porter. It features customizable access controls including RFID/NFC, fingerprint recognition, and PIN code access, ensuring that materials are only accessible to authorized personnel.

3. Is the NOVAMove Porter difficult to set up and integrate into existing systems?

Integrating the NOVAMove Porter into your existing operations is straightforward, thanks to its compatibility with a suite of communication protocols including OPC-UA, MQTT, and other lab-specific protocols. This ensures seamless integration with your current systems, facilitating immediate efficiency gains without extensive setup.

4. Can the NOVAMove Porter navigate multi-floor buildings?

Yes, the NOVAMove Porter is equipped with advanced smart navigation capabilities, including the ability to navigate multi-floor buildings. It can utilize elevators autonomously, ensuring seamless operation across different levels of a facility.

5. How is the NOVAMove Porter maintained?

The NOVAMove Porter requires minimal maintenance, depending on the specific use case and operational frequency. Our team provides comprehensive guidelines for upkeep, and remote diagnostics are available for software updates and troubleshooting, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

6. What training is required for staff to operate the NOVAMove Porter?

Minimal training is required due to the NOVAMove Porter’s intuitive user interface. Basic operational training can be completed quickly, allowing your team to become proficient in using the device without significant downtime.

7. How does the NOVAMove Porter contribute to operational efficiency?

By automating the transport of samples and materials, the NOVAMove Porter significantly reduces manual handling and walking distances for staff, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks. This results in higher throughput, reduced errors, and improved overall efficiency.

8. Are there any limitations on what the NOVAMove Porter can transport?

The NOVAMove Porter is designed with a carrying capacity of up to 30kg per drawer, accommodating a broad range of samples and materials. This capacity allows for versatile use across different departments and applications within a facility.