NOVAFlex STAS Case Study – Maximizing Efficiency and Space Utilization

Explore the NOVAFlex STAS case study, showcasing how our cutting-edge sample tracking and archiving system transformed E.Gulbis Laboratory’s workflow. Discover the benefits of this innovative solution, including its unparalleled efficiency, space optimization, and its positive impact on both lab staff and patient care. Learn how NOVAFlex STAS revolutionizes sample management in clinical laboratories.


Streamlined Sample Management Amid High Demand

Clinical laboratories require efficient and accurate sample tracking and archiving solutions that also maximize space utilization. E.Gulbis Laboratory (EGL) faced significant challenges in manually managing their vast collection of open cap samples for retesting and trials. NovaticLab’s innovative NOVAFlex Sample Tracking and Archiving Station (STAS) has transformed the way EGL handles sample storage and retrieval, improving overall efficiency, alleviating stress on lab personnel, and optimizing laboratory space.

Space-Saving Design Boosts Capacity and Flexibility

Prior to implementing NOVAFlex STAS, EGL relied on a labor-intensive manual process for sample tracking and archiving, which not only consumed valuable lab space but also caused stress and fatigue among lab personnel. In addition, traditional archiving solutions often required extensive redesigns or additional construction to increase capacity, further straining resources and budgets. NOVAFlex STAS revolutionized EGL’s sample tracking and archiving processes by providing a streamlined, automated solution with a small footprint. The system sorts and archives tested samples in custom trays with an easy numbering system, allowing for rapid retrieval of samples upon request. The compact design of NOVAFlex STAS enables 3x more samples to be archived per hour compared to other solutions on the market, while also allowing full flexibility in terms of space utilization.

Enhanced Efficiency Reduces Stress and Improves Patient Care

With NOVAFlex STAS, EGL lab staff can now locate a sample for retesting in a matter of seconds by simply entering the patient number or analysis number into the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). This efficient process has significantly reduced the time and effort required to retrieve samples, alleviating stress on lab personnel, and improving the overall laboratory workflow. Moreover, the space-saving design of NOVAFlex STAS eliminates the need for extensive lab redesigns or additional construction, ultimately saving time and resources. The ability to quickly retrieve samples for retesting also saves patients and doctors valuable time, resulting in faster and more efficient patient care.


The NOVAFlex STAS case study at E.Gulbis Laboratory demonstrates the transformative impact of automated sample tracking and archiving solutions that prioritize efficiency and space optimization. By implementing NOVAFlex STAS, EGL has significantly improved sample retrieval times, reduced stress on lab staff, enhanced patient care, and optimized laboratory space utilization. This collaboration between NovaticLab and EGL showcases the power of innovative automation solutions in modern laboratory environments.

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