NOVAFlex RALS Case Study - Streamlining Sample Registration and Re-labeling

Explore how NOVAFlex RALS at E.Gulbis Laboratory delivers rapid deployment and flexibility for sample registration and re-labeling. This innovative solution eliminates errors and monotony associated with manual labeling, streamlining workflows, and enhancing overall lab efficiency for better patient care.

Rapid Deployment and Flexibility of NOVAFlex RALS

In urgent situations, such as the need to re-label a large number of sample vials, efficient sample registration and labeling solutions become crucial. NovaticLab’s innovative NOVAFlex Registration and Labeling Station (RALS) offers rapid deployment and flexibility, meeting the needs of E.Gulbis Laboratory (EGL) for efficient and user-friendly sample management.

Eliminating Errors and Reducing Monotony

NOVAFlex RALS automates the registration and re-labeling process, significantly reducing the risk of human error associated with manual labeling and the monotony of such repetitive tasks. The system accurately scans pre-labeled samples and generates new labels according to EGL’s requirements, ensuring compatibility with their laboratory information system (LIS) and other equipment.


By implementing NOVAFlex RALS, EGL has significantly improved their sample management process, saving time, and reducing the likelihood of errors. This efficient approach not only streamlines workflows but also ensures the accurate identification and processing of samples. As a result, lab staff can Focus On What Truly Matters—delivering better patient care and advancing scientific discovery.

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