NOVALab Case Study: A Success Story with Egils Gulbis Laboratory During COVID-19

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Tackling the Pandemic: Overcoming Clinical Lab Challenges with NOVALab Access Points

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for clinical laboratories across the globe. The demand for accurate and rapid testing skyrocketed, placing immense pressure on lab personnel and infrastructure. NovaticLab rose to the occasion by partnering with Egils Gulbis Laboratory (EGL) to deploy a network of contactless NOVALab access points, transforming the testing landscape and providing much-needed relief during this critical time.

Deployment of NOVALab Access Points

In response to the escalating demand for COVID-19 testing, NovaticLab installed over 20 NOVALab access points at EGL locations. These innovative contactless systems not only reduced the need for in-person interactions but also significantly streamlined the testing process. Each NOVALab module replaced the equivalent work of 3-4 personnel, allowing EGL to redirect resources to other crucial areas while maintaining efficient testing capabilities.

The Benefits of Contactless Access Points

The NOVALab contactless access points provided several key benefits during the pandemic. They ensured a safe, hygienic environment for both patients and staff by minimizing physical contact, reducing the risk of virus transmission. The user-friendly system facilitated quick and easy test kit collection and submission, resulting in a more efficient workflow. The remote monitoring capabilities enabled real-time tracking of test volumes and trends, allowing EGL to respond proactively to changing demands.


Rapid Response and High Test Volume:

Thanks to the seamless integration of NOVALab access points, EGL was able to deliver rapid, reliable testing services during the height of the pandemic. At the peak, our machines were responsible for processing more than 15% of all tests conducted within the country. This remarkable achievement showcased the adaptability and scalability of our lab automation solutions, enabling EGL to maintain a high level of service despite the extraordinary circumstances.


In conclusion, the NOVALab case study with E.Gulbis Laboratory (EGL) demonstrated the undeniable benefits of implementing contactless access points for sample distribution and collection. With 24/7 availability, patients had the opportunity to safely and discreetly submit their self-collected samples for testing. In addition to providing extra samples for the lab, EGL was able to save valuable staff time that would have been spent on manual processing.


At present, EGL employs 20+ NOVALab access points that patients favor for their time-saving and swift result delivery benefits. In addition to COVID-19 saliva test kits, NOVALab access points provide a variety of sample kits such as urine, fecal, human papillomavirus (HPV) molecular, H.pylori testing, and many more upcoming options.


This collaboration between NovaticLab and EGL has proven to be a game-changer in efficient, safe, and effective sample collection and testing during challenging times.

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