Revolutionizing Biobanking with NovaticLab's Advanced Lab Automation Solution

The role of biobanks has never been more critical in scientific research. These unique repositories hold the key to groundbreaking discoveries in personalized medicine, genomics, and disease research, to name a few. However, managing these precious biological samples presents complex challenges – challenges that NovaticLab’s innovative lab automation solutions are designed to tackle head-on.

The Importance of Biobanks

Biobanks are essential for preserving and managing biological samples, such as blood, tissue, DNA, and cells, for future research. These samples offer invaluable insights into disease progression, genetic predisposition, and the development of personalised treatment plans. However, managing a biobank involves a complex series of tasks that require accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

The Challenges in Biobanking

Managing a biobank involves a host of logistical and operational challenges. These include sample tracking and identification, maintaining sample integrity, ensuring efficient use of storage space, and complying with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the process is labor-intensive, often requiring manual handling of samples, which increases the risk of errors and contamination.

NovaticLab's Lab Automation Solutions

Enter NovaticLab’s cutting-edge lab automation solutions: NOVAFlex and NOVAMove. These solutions not only address the challenges faced in biobanking but also offer opportunities to elevate operational efficiency and accuracy to unprecedented levels.

NOVAFlex : Increasing Throughput and Flexibility

NOVAFlex is a modular and highly adaptable automation solution designed to streamline pre- and post-analytical processes. With its capacity to increase throughput by three times within the same space, NOVAFlex can support biobanks in managing large volumes of samples efficiently.


In conclusion, the NOVALab case study with E.Gulbis Laboratory (EGL) demonstrated the undeniable benefits of implementing contactless access points for sample distribution and collection. With 24/7 availability, patients had the opportunity to safely and discreetly submit their self-collected samples for testing. In addition to providing extra samples for the lab, EGL was able to save valuable staff time that would have been spent on manual processing.


At present, EGL employs 20+ NOVALab access points that patients favor for their time-saving and swift result delivery benefits. In addition to COVID-19 saliva test kits, NOVALab access points provide a variety of sample kits such as urine, fecal, human papillomavirus (HPV) molecular, H.pylori testing, and many more upcoming options.


This collaboration between NovaticLab and EGL has proven to be a game-changer in efficient, safe, and effective sample collection and testing during challenging times.

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